Does digital marketing really help if you want to start your own business?
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If we had to lay the truth out for you, it would be that it’s probably the be-all-and-end-all for a new business. Especially if you’re planning on going for the whole contemporary feel and focus on innovation. If you have never dabbled in the field of digital before, and have no idea where to begin, launching a new business without this support system behind it will end up as one big challenge – no matter the industry you’re in. These days, digital marketing is the foundation where companies who are built upon collaboration and disruption bloom. If you’re not on in this ball game, you’re not in any.

But once you get your head around it all, you’ll find you achieve success beyond anything you could have dreamed of. Why? Because digital marketing lets you tap into audiences that you couldn’t otherwise reach. Newspapers only get you so far. Billboards are only a local solution. To really pack a punch, you need to think bigger and brighter than that – you need to maximise your best potential at achieving gigantic exposure through digital paths that hold the key for you brand.



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Here’s an example. Let’s assume you’re a new fashion label that needs to start getting a bit creative on the marketing side. You know you need to reach new audiences but have no idea where they are lurking. The ultimate place to get started? Instagram. Okay, it’s digital, and you’re probably cringing but consider the fact that Instagram has a unfathomable ONE BILLION active users interacting with its content every single day. If you choose to avoid digital, you’re tuning out of these numbers – and that’s a big opportunity lost to competitors who are willing to jump on board.


So, how do you start digital marketing?


Firstly, you’ll want to sit down and spend some time thinking about your own brand. Think long and hard about:

  • How you define yourself;
  • What your values are;
  • Who your target audience is.

And by this, I don’t mean just scoping it out to a broad group of 40-year-old women in Australia. I mean really get down to the nitty-gritty of defining your audience. Maybe it’s 52-year-old Janice – a former hairdresser now turned dog walker. She loves a glass of wine or 10 at night and she dresses in animal print. A lot. She hates politics but absolutely loves reality TV.

What I mean is that you need to think down to granular detail about who you’re targeting. This will allow you to identify them online and know exactly where they’ll be lurking. Janice is a fashion-goer and loves cat memes, so it’s likely she is one of those one billion Instagram users.

Janice loves cat memes.


Add to this the fact that other platforms – like Facebook – carry advertising methods that are so incredibly niche and specific. You can virtually track Janice down as she scrolls through her feed. Bam! Your brand is right there in front of her eyes and suddenly she wants to buy that cat onesie you’ve been blasting her feed with.

After you’ve nutted all this out, it’s time to consider the first channel you’d like to tackle head-on. I can’t tell you how many times I see people just pour everything they have into each and every single path and hope for the best. This won’t work; not all channels and platforms are suitable for every single business out there, and your target audience won’t be in all of those places, either. Instead, consider one channel you’d like to focus all your attention on first, before going for the all-out attempt. For instance, after carefully building up your blog over a few months and sharing across social media, you could then move onto including more avenues, like:

  • Full-suite content marketing;
  • Search engine optimisation;
  • Google remarketing;
  • Google Shopping;
  • Google AdWords;
  • Video and visuals;
  • Paid social media marketing, and more.

What’s the next step?


Don’t have a website? Well, there’s your starting point. Absolutely do not even attempt to do anything before you’ve got a killer site up and running. From there, you’re free to jump onboard any of these tactics, but I always highly recommend SEO and content marketing.

If you’re stuck on the next steps, I highly encourage you to read this post here for some more insight. You’ll be guided through the best ways to tap into digital marketing in 2021 for your new business, and hopefully, gain some clarity around your direction.

No matter what way you choose to embrace digital marketing, it will always take time to understand just how the data is reflecting your success. Over the duration of your efforts, assess where you’re at and think carefully about how to plan out your next steps. If one thing isn’t working, split test another – don’t ever stop trying to push boundaries and refine your tactics. That’s where digital marketing can really help you launch that big business idea of yours out of this world.


Not sure where to get started in the digital marketing world? Let us guide you through. Get in touch with our experts now for a no-obligation chat on 1300 662 225.


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