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  We’re in the midst of a business boom, with SMEs fuelled by passion determination sprouting from every corner of the digital and physical sphere. And while goals can get you so far, creating the perfect combination of branding still remains the all-important X-factor. Ultimately, a killer image determines whether your business will sink or sail past competitors in a crowded market. This is what makes your business unique to its core – so it’s worth putting in the hard yards...

When it comes to romancing Google in the bid for better rankings, a solid content strategy is the digital flower you need in order to woo the search engine giant.   While the platform keeps information on its algorithms largely secret, the company openly states that fresh, relevant and quality content will do your website plenty of favours. However, this content cannot be ad-hoc or slapped together without thought. It needs to be strategised, carefully planned out and ready to nurture the...