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The art of content marketing is the 21st century’s breakthrough in bringing business together through human connections. It’s the ability to weave your brand messages through without seeming overly sales-orientated. Honestly, it’s an art form, but once mastered, it’s an unparalleled path to success.


To date, content marketing has taken its time to rise to dominance. Previously, SEO-driven tactics saw copy and words as a chore, but content marketing is now driving all aspects of digital marketing more than ever before. Simply, if you’re not in the game of creating high-quality words that create an impact, you’re probably not even making an impact at all.


It sets the scene for a new era of business and marketing where a people-centric approach is a fundamental key to success. When done right, this avenue’s impact is immense – giving you the chance to seize your big break and rise to the top, while your competitors are still lagging behind in outdated tactics.



Image source: Cision


Meanwhile, you’ll be providing your audience with exactly what they looking for, all with the added flair of personality. No one likes feeling like they’re just engaging with a screen. They want to feel like they are tapping into real, authentic human connections; and that’s exactly what content offers a win-win situation: audience loyalty and unsurpassed loyalty. So with all that preaching done and dusted, let’s get down to the details and show you exactly how content marketing can help you get your next big break.


The essence of content marketing is in the experience        


No matter what kind of content you’re planning on churning out, your content strategy should be information-driven and offer a quality experience for your audience. If it’s not insight-infused, it shouldn’t hit the web at all. When done right, it shows your audience exactly what you’re made of, and how you could help them make their lives better through the experience of interacting with your brand. You can become their answer, solution and go-to for all of their everyday challenges. And wouldn’t that be a dream?


Weaving information in with marketing also means blending it with some top-notch storytelling. Don’t give in to the urge to sell. You’re not there to make a quick buck; you’re there to nurture your readers into investing in your brand for the long-term. And in the end, that will mean a lot more than a few dollars in your pocket at the beginning; you’ll end up with a consistent stream of revenue and happy followers.


The best content involves emotion


Storytelling is a centuries-old practice that still finds itself front and centre in the modern world. With the endless amount of information bombarding us today on-screen and off, being immersed in an emotion-filled story breaks through the monotony of marketing eras past, and leaves memorable content in its wake.


Well-defined content strategy can permit you huge benefits. But you need to spend the time owning the channel from the outset. You can’t half-heart it. You have to dive right into the deep end, but once you do, your audiences can enjoy:


  • Information that is valuable to them and their real-life problems;
  • Content that is filled with emotion that inspires your audience to feel emotion themselves;
  • Inspirational words and visuals that instills an uplifting message;
  • A clear-cut vision of your company’s identity and personality;
  • A tailored experience to the platform you’re sharing your content on.


How content marketing drives sales


In the current cultural climate, authenticity, information, and a helping hand go a long way. People no longer respond to traditional “sales” pitches. If you’re a LinkedIn user, think about how many times you’ve seen the dreaded InMail spam and resisted the urge to throw your phone. The truth is, not so long ago (actually only last year) this kind of sales-driven tactic worked. But it doesn’t anymore.

Content marketing drives sales by answering peoples’ questions, concerns and curiosities. It drives conversions by giving your audience a glimpse at the things that you have authority, passion and knowledge of. Above all, the content should resonate with their own beliefs, values, and identity. When your business articulates these aspects through content – be it written, audio, visual, or video – your audience connects to your vibe, and looks to your for information, perspective, and a way to make their lives easier.


What content marketing is not


The subtle complexities of what content marketing is are many. While we’ve outlined that it’s all about providing valuable information with a human-centred approach that’s sprinkled with emotion and [personality, there are some definite things that fall outside the scope of this magical marketing form.


Image source: NewsCred


Content marketing is its own blend of things, specific to the age of the internet and accessible information. Unlike traditional marketing, it isn’t:


  • Directly money-related marketing;
  • Content without strategy and embedded purpose that benefits your audience;
  • A piece of content that exclusively revolves around the company.


It’s also not content that:


  • Is made to showcase business with formality, instead of personality;
  • Is purely an entertainment piece that doesn’t give readers a prompt to interact with your business; be it through buying, browsing, or reaching out to get in touch.


By the same token, it’s also not a piece of content that excludes the company’s voice and message indefinitely. After all, it is still a form of marketing. Rather than being overtly domineering with the influence of the company within each piece you put up, this field of marketing goes for a more integrated approach – weaving the company into the story to create a more by-the-way, authentic feel.  

Image source: FusionSpark Media

In spirit, content marketing is a truly creative form of bringing people and business together. It takes a potent mind that balances analytical thinking, creativity, uninhibited fun, and an understanding of both business and people. It’s ultimately a rare concoction that makes for a blast of business success.



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